Enjoy seamless Unifi connectivity during your relocation and while settling into your new home, with a hassle-free relocation at no additional cost.

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Relocate Your Unifi Home in 4 Easy Steps

Important: Ensure that you do not have an outstanding balance in your bill and
refer to our Relocation Checklist to prepare for your move.

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    Step 1

    Check the Unifi coverage at the location of your new premises.

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    Step 2

    Fill in your relocation application details and choose your preferred date & time to schedule your installation.

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    Step 3

    Bring the Unifi equipment from your current premises to your new place, and ensure the new premises is ready.

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    Step 4

    Installation day! Our Unifi Care Crew will make a visit to your premises for the installation.

A Checklist for a Smooth Transition at Every Stage

Prepare for your move with this comprehensive checklist to ensure a smooth moving experience.

Before Your Move

  • Connect with us to enquire about our relocation services
  • Remember to have any utility bill from your new address ready
  • Ensure that the state of your new premises is ready for the big move
  • Get your new premises ready for Unifi equipment installation by ensuring all power plugs and sockets are prepared

During Your Move

  • Dismantle and pack your current Unifi equipment
  • Bring along all your existing internet service equipment
  • Boost your experience with our selections of Unifi add-on/upgrade packages

After Your Move

  • Track the progress of your scheduled installation
  • Ensure you or your representative are present at the premises during the installation
  • Our Unifi Care Crew will assist you with the entire installation process

Stay on top of your move with our complete relocation checklist. Download the PDF version now!

Download Checklist
You may also review/change appointment after your initial booking has been submitted.
You can track your booking once your application has been processed and received confirmation SMS with your order number.

Choose Your Way To Relocate

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Step 1

Log in via
MyUnifi App or Unifi Selfcare Portal to book your relocation

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Step 2

Select your Unifi account
for relocation.

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Step 3

Enter your new address and
fill in all the necessary details.

step 4 icon
Step 4

Review and submit
your order.

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Step 1

Walk in to any TMpoint or Unifi Store to learn more about relocating with Unifi.

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Step 2

Check the coverage
for your new address.

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Step 3

Submit relocation request and complete a secure verification process using your thumbprint.

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Step 4

Your relocation order is successfully created!

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Step 1

Contact the Unifi Contact Centre to learn more about relocating with Unifi.

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Step 2

Complete a secure verification process.

step 3 icon
Step 3

Check the coverage for your new address.

step 4 icon
Step 4

Submit relocation request to successfully create your order!



Disclaimer: The service is provided with care and effort. The coverage maps are provided for informational guidance only and do not guarantee service availability or quality in a specific location due to variable factors such as system constraints, indoor coverage, and phone model, as well as changes to network infrastructure or environmental conditions.



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Here are the important things to note before you proceed with your service relocation request:
  1. Your service account that you wish to relocate must be in ACTIVE status.
  2. If you have current and outstanding amount in your bill, we advise you to make the payment first so we could proceed to process your relocation request.
  3. Your relocation will subject to Unifi service availability at your new address. If the location is not within Unifi coverage but available with Unifi Air, you will be offered with a Unifi Air package with speed that will closely match your existing package.
  4. Depending on the new location, there is a possibility that your telephone line number might change if we are not able to maintain the same number for you.
You can submit your relocation request through any of our channels below:
If your area is already within the Unifi service coverage, relocation process shall take around a duration of 7-14 business days based on installation slot availability.
There will be no charges for relocation but if your premises require non-standard installation or additional cabling, separate charges will be imposed by our contractors. For additional info, please click here

For verification purpose, only the owner is allowed to apply for relocation.

However, there is an exception where you can apply on behalf of the owner who may have difficulties to do so with the following conditions:

  1. Owner is more than 60 years old
  2. Owner is under the People with Disabilities (OKU) category
  3. Owner is unable to visit TMpoint due to an illness
  4. Other conditions that are making it inconvenient for the owner to apply for relocation.

    *It is necessary for you to bring or provide an authorisation letter detailing the specific condition of the owner if you are applying on behalf.

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