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You can tailor exactly what you want for your hospitality business. 


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What are the different types of content offered by Unifi TV?

There are mainly 3 types of content offered by Unifi TV. In brief, they are:

• Video On Demand: Subscriber is able to purchase movies, TV series or programs and exclusive content through our Video On Demand (VOD) service.

• Broadcast live TV channels:

a) Broadcast live TV channels includes both international and local live TV channels.

b) Unifi TV Free Channels: These are bundled with and part of all Unifi consumer packages.

c) Unifi TV Premium Channels: All Unifi consumer packages’ customers can purchase the following channels individually at a unique price per channel. All channels' latest offering listing can be found on

• Streaming app (OTT): Subscribers can watch movies, TV series and more with our 11 streaming app partners. These apps are available bundled with Unifi TV Packs or on a la carte.


How many channels are in Unifi TV?

For the complete listing of channels offered, kindly refer to:
TM reserves the right to add, remove, replace, reduce or add to the number of Unifi TV Broadcast TV Channels.

Which channels have the Catch Up feature?

Catch Up feature availability varies, depending on the channels and programs. Press Guide on your remote control or refer to for details.

How can I get the Unifi Plus Box?

There are several Unifi plans that come with Unifi Plus Box. Unifi Plus Box is bundled with all Unifi TV Packs and also available a la carte.

For more info, visit 

How do I get the new Ultimate Max Pack or Ultimate Plus Pack with bundled streaming apps offering?

For existing Unifi TV customers, you can upgrade/subscribe to Ultimate Max Pack or Ultimate Plus Pack at these channels:

  1. MyUnifi app: Select Account→Select the relevant Unifi Home account to add on Unifi TV Pack
  2. Unifi portal Select Account→Select the relevant Unifi Home account to add on Unifi TV Pack
  3. or by registering your interest at


For new Unifi Home customers, you can explore the broadband and entertainment bundle plans at these channels:

  1. Walk in to your nearest TMpoint
  2. Call 100 and press 4 to speak to our Unifi Care Crew
  3. Live Chat on
  4. Online via


To activate your streaming app entitlement, you can download and login to MyUnifi app or Unifi portal  and select your Unifi Home account. Click on “My Entertainment” to manage your access to streaming apps.


How can I find out more information about the available Unifi TV Biz Packs?

For more details, please visit Unifi TV website at and select “Business”

I have just subscribed to Ultimate Plus Pack with Netflix Basic Plan included at no extra cost. Can I upgrade/change my Netflix plan to Standard or Premium Plan?

Yes, you can. You may upgrade/change your Netflix plan as per offerings below:

  1. Netflix Standard – Additional RM17/month to upgrade from Basic.
  2. Netflix Premium – Additional RM10/month to upgrade from Standard. Additional RM27/month to upgrade from Basic.


To self-upgrade your Netflix plans, you can do so via MyUnifi app or visit Unifi portal or alternatively, visit and enter the “Account” section.

I have Ultimate Plus Pack with Netflix Basic Plan (previous plan). I have upgraded the Netflix plan to Standard/Premium Plan (new plan). What should I expect to see on my next bill?

Your bill after the change of plan will include prorated charges of the old (Basic plan) and new (Standard/Premium) plans according to your billing date. The prorate calculation Is further explained below.


Below are the additional monthly charges for Netflix plan upgrade:



Unifi TV Pack

Netflix Plan included at no extra cost

Upgrade to Standard

Upgrade to Premium

Ultimate Plus


+ RM17 per month

+RM27 per month

Ultimate Max



+ RM10 per month


Example of prorate calculation:

  • Billing cycle starts on 1st of every month i.e 1 July 2023
  • You upgrade your Netflix Basic Plan to Premium on 16 July 2023
  • In the next billing cycle on 1 August 2023, you will see prorated charges for your Netflix Basic Plan and additional charges for Netflix Premium Plan (Upgrade) at RM13.94, which is prorated from 16 July - 31 July
  • If you continue to subscribe to Netflix Premium Plan the following month in September onwards, your subsequent bills will reflect Netflix Premium Plan (Upgrade) at RM27, which is the full additional amount.


You can visit for further information about changing Netflix plan.