unifi TV x Celestial Movies:
Raging Fire
Watch & Win iContest

Watch Raging Fire on Celestial Movies (CH 288) and win a PREMIUM air purifier! 

How to participate

Step 1
Watch Raging Fire on Celestial Movies CH 288. ​
Step 2
Scan the iContest QR code that appears during the program with your unifi PlayTV app QR scanner feature.​
Step 3
Answer all questions correctly!​
Step 4
Submit your entry before 21 May 2022 and stand a chance to win a PREMIUM air purifier! ​

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Scan the iContest QR code using your unifi PlayTV QR Scanner feature and stand a chance to win an Apple iPad Air!

Contest Period: 31 August – 26 September 2021


Enjoy 30 days FREE trial and 50% discount for the next 3 months when you subscribe between 1 Oct to 28 Feb 2022.

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