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September 18, 2018

unifi Choices For Different Home Needs And Affordability

New unifi 100Mbps plan at RM 129 per month, complements unifi Basic plan for all

Following hot on the heels of unifi Basic for all Malaysians, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) recently introduced the new unifi 100Mbps plan at RM129 per month - delivering broadband experience of 100Mbps with unlimited usage, access to unifi playTV packages for everywhere, anytime entertainment as well as free 600 minutes of voice calls. This new unifi 100Mbps plan represents a refreshed, simplified and great value all-in-one home offering.

Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President of unifi, said: "We are constantly innovating by listening closely to our customers - understanding the household needs for fast unlimited broadband, endless entertainment and connecting with one's family and friends. Recently on 12th July 2018, we had announced our plans to upgrade our existing unifi home customers to higher broadband speeds (currently in pilot phase), so that they could enjoy the better experience a higher speed broadband can offer. Now, we are opening up this experience to new unifi home customers by offering them this 100Mbps unifi plan - as a start."

"Our customer insights show that more and more Malaysia homes are opting for high speed broadband to fuel their daily digital lifestyle - especially driven by the rising usage of streaming services and digital games(e-sports) as part of today's household lifestyle," he added.

Imri explained: "As the nation's partner in unleashing the digital potential of a fully connected Malaysia, it is our obsession to enable every Malaysian household to enjoy the benefits of digital technology. Through unifi 100Mbps at RM129 per month, we are setting a new benchmark of speed and affordability - 60% lower than previous 100Mbps plan. We believe that 100Mbps will soon become the starting high speed for Malaysian households as more and more digital applications and content demand greater bandwidth, speed and reliability. Hence, we are anticipating our customers' needs with this new 100Mbps plan, with higher speed plans coming to you very soon."

To date, more than 1.2 million customers nationwide are enjoying unifi broadband. After a strong market presence serving these 1.2 million early digital adopters, we are opening up to all the more affordable entry-level unifi Basic plan, priced at RM79 per month with 60GB quota, to serve a larger market segment to be onboard the high speed broadband experience.

With the new unifi 100Mbps plan and unifi Basic for all, unifi is now able to serve the needs and affordability of a wider base of Malaysian homes. For example, the unifi Basic plan perfectly caters to smaller households that only require approximately 60GB a month for their specific lifestyle needs at this point of time. As the household grows, they can now comfortably move over to the new unifi 100Mbps which fits more arrays of digital lifestyle needs, including access to unifi playTV content and free voice calls.

"We believe that internet connectivity is the basic enabler in growing a more digital Malaysia, leading to a seismic shift in consumer lifestyle. Today, consumers are increasingly benefitting from internet services. They value instant gratification and dislike disruptions to their connected lives. From unifi's perspective, what consumers want is a converged digital lifestyle where everything is at their fingertips everywhere, anytime. That is exactly what we are offering them," Imri said, in closing.

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