I’m in for a switch!

I get to keep my number and roam around conveniently?
Count me in!

Download mobile@unifi app now!

mobile@unifi app

Tap ‘Get New Sim Card’ in the options menu.

Register to keep
existing number

Follow the registration steps and select ‘I Want To Keep My Existing Number’. Reply ‘Yes’ to our confirmation SMS in order to proceed.

Receive a
new SIM card

We’ll send (or choose to self-pickup) a new SIM card in 7 working days. Continue using existing number until a switch-over confirmation message is received.

Switch your
SIM card

Insert the new SIM card to enjoy ultimate mobile freedom!

Here’s what you need to know before you switch :

Postpaid sub-lines

Are you a postpaid user that has sub-lines attached to your current plan? You have to switch all the lines and complete them in a single order.

Register under
the same ID

Make sure all the numbers you wish to switch are registered under your NRIC or Passport.

Ensure all lines
are active

Using a postpaid plan? Confirm if you have an active line without any outstanding balance or tied to any remaining contract.

Prepaid credits
cannot be carried

Switch any of your prepaid lines to our mobile plan, as long as your line is active. However, your credit cannot be carried forward to us. Each of your prepaid lines must be registered in a separate order.

Multiple numbers
with different
mobile operator

If you have multiple numbers with different mobile operators, submit all the numbers in different orders. We are unable to process multiple requests in one order.