I am #BEBAS!

I’m free to create moments the way I want without any rules and plans!

Choosing what
I need

I can get the add-on I want
and use it. It’s simple!

No more expiry and
restrictions for me

All I gotta do is
keep my line active

My reload is now

Thanks to mobile@unifi app,
I can now reload easily!


mobile@unifi app

Tap ‘Get New SIM Card’ in the options menu.

Register SIM with
‘my new fav number’
or ‘keep my existing number’

Go through the registration steps.
Receive a confirmation SMS to proceed.

Receive the new SIM
and enjoy quick reload
anytime, anywhere

We’ll send (or choose to self-pickup)
a new SIM card
in 7 working days.

Customise the add-ons

Purchase any non-expiry
add-ons that work best,
as long as there’s an active line!

*Price shown is exclusive of 6% Service Tax