IP Centrex

The IP Centrex is an application that offers a basic set of voice features for customers who are looking for a cost-effective communications solution using IMS infrastructure. With this, customer will enjoy FREE CALLS within the same Centrex group ID in same HSBB exchange

IP Centrex

Free on net calls within Centrex group in the same HSBB exchange

Low Set up Cost

Affordable to set up with no up-front capital or initial investment. Customers only need to pay for the monthly subscription and call charges. Lower capital investment cost with no additional equipment, such as PBX

No Congestion

All calls are connected via direct lines. No line congestion or missed calls

Flexible Expansion

Unlimited growth, number of lines can easily increase or decrease

Total Control

IP Centrex can provide control over customer lines. With detailed billings, customers can monitor their usage

Deal / Offering

IP Centrex



/ month / line
  • Free 13 Features
  • Extension Calls
    FREE calls within the same Centrex group ID in the same HSBB exchange
  • Other Calls
    Published Rates
    *apply Call Plan rates where applicable

*Price shown is exclusive of 6% Service Tax
*Minimum requirement to subscribe for IP Centrex is 3 lines per site/exchange