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SurePay POS™ Package

You can now boost sales with TM Payment and Solutions to track and manage your everyday sales across multiple outlets, anytime and anywhere.

In-app reporting

Various forms of reports are available on SurePay POS Hub (back-end) as well as on the app itself, which can be controlled by user-based roles to protect sensitive data.

User friendly interface

Fret not about training your new employees on how to operate SurePay POS. The simple yet effective interface allows for a seamless user experience. If ever in doubt, there are instructional videos available that cover all the modules in the system.

Receipt customization

Your receipts can be customized to add your business logo, header and footer text, Wi-Fi access codes and other options so you can control the look and feel of your receipts.

Easy setup

Setting up SurePay POS with the recommended hardware options is extremely simple. The step-by-step user guide that’s provided upon activation of your SurePay POS account ensures that the process is kept quick and easy.

Offline mode support

SurePay POS will work with no or intermittent Internet connection. Your sales data will automatically be synced to the cloud once the POS is back online.

Free lifetime updates

Enjoy peace of mind as your POS software will constantly be kept up to date with free and timely updates that you can easily access from the App Store.

Other Features

Multiple receipt printer support

Multi-outlet or multi-company setup


Support Integrated Maybank QRPay

Integrated with inventory system

Add-on option for ordered items

Table seating with numbering

In collaboration with KryptoPOS